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Environmental Review Process

The next major step in the Replenish Big Bear Program is completing its environmental review. This process allows BBARWA, its Program Partners, and the public to explore and understand the Program’s potential impacts on the community and environment.


Steps in the Environmental Review Process

During the environmental review process, the Program Team will prepare a Program Environmental Impact Report (PEIR). Development of the PEIR includes three phases and public involvement opportunities.

  1. Scoping Phase: Complete

    1. The first part of the environmental review process is the scoping phase, which is initiated by a Notice of Preparation that tells public agencies and interested parties that an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) will be prepared. Feedback is encouraged to help identify environmental issues and raise questions and concerns for further study in the EIR. Project alternatives, community impacts, and mitigation measures are also considered.

      1. ​​Scoping meetings were held on January 5th and 10th, 2023.

  2. Draft PEIR Release: Winter 2023

    1. ​​The Draft PEIR will be available for public review to allow community members, interested parties, and agencies the opportunity to provide feedback and comments. The Program Team will review comments, prepare responses, and revise the PEIR as needed.

  3. Final PEIR Certification: 2024

    1. ​​The BBARWA Governing Board will review and consider certification of the Final PEIR during a board meeting which will be open to the public.

Environmental Documents

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