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Working today to secure water for a

Environmental Review Process

The next major step in the Replenish Big Bear Program is completing its environmental review. This process allows BBARWA, its Program Partners, and the public to explore and understand the Program’s potential impacts on the community and environment.

Water makes Big Bear Valley thrive.

Replenish Big Bear is a forward-looking water supply program that protects our community's water supplies well into the future, ensuring that our community continues to be a great place to visit and an even better place to live. 

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A better way to manage our most essential natural resource.

Replenish Big Bear represents a new way to manage our essential water resources. Read on to learn more about how Replenish Big Bear benefits our water supply, environment, and community for years to come.

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Replenish Big Bear supplements the Valley's essential water supplies with hundreds of millions of gallons of clean water each year.

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The clean water produced through Replenish Big Bear will be used to enhance water levels throughout the Valley, supporting our area's unique and diverse fish and wildlife.

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Replenished water levels support our community's recreation and tourism industry and protect our community's drinking water supplies, keeping Big Bear a great place to visit and live. 


Our water future

Lake levels have seen record lows in the last 15 years.


Keeping our water

Replenish Big Bear is recovering our lost water for a secure water future.


All water has value.

Replenish Big Bear represents a holistic approach to using and protecting the Valley’s essential water resource. Learn more about how tackling our water supply challenges based on the complete life cycle of water can lead to more effective, lasting solutions.

Water as pure as tap water.

Replenish Big Bear uses additional advanced treatment steps at Big Bear's existing treatment facility to produce millions of gallons of clean water every year. 


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